Rishikesh. After years of trials & debates, today marks the victory of the truth.
This time last year, a Japanese tourist who visited Rishikesh to attend yoga teacher training course claimed she was assaulted & molested during class  by Swami Sudhir Anand , founder & director of Shiva Yoga Peeth. After investigation, the truth has finally been revealed.
Japanese  & her other friends had mastered a plan to take legal actions against Swami Sudhir & his school Shiva Yoga Peeth, targeted to put down both his personal image & school reputation in a dirty game of fraud, money, corrupted & unhealthy business competition.
Rishikesh, our Holy City has always welcomed visitors from all over the world with open arms. However, such corrupted mentality of some group of people such as those mentioned above,  the integrity of several yoga gurus & Rishikesh as a whole is to question. The precious atmosphere of the Holy City of Rishikesh should not be poisoned by such behaviours.
When the irrational demands of above students were not fulfilled they framed falsely Swami Sudhir Anand and his school by lodging a false complaint in police station. The police took immediate action. Swami Sudhir was taken into custody, not allowed to even explain his side of the story. His reputation along with integrity of school was on stake.
However, even with all support from Japanese & Indian Governments, under investigation, Tomoko Takahashi is revealed to have told lies. Takahashi & her friends’ dirty game has been revealed under the light of justice & truth. Swami Sudhir is proven to be non guilty.
Final decision is made today by court. Swami Sudhir is free of all false charges & proven non guilty. Justice is served.

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